Find an Expert Witness Everywhere Your Firm Requires

Every case you take on requires niche expertise. No matter how specialized your expert needs are, our services are available to provide your firm the precise subject matter experts in the exact venue needed to achieve the best outcomes for your clients. We meet the expert needs of attorneys for both plaintiffs and defendants across the US, helping each firm locate the best resources for their case strategy at any time in the litigation process.

Attorneys can turn to Guidepoint Legal Solutions for:

Expert Witness Search

Take on any expert necessary to prove your case, no matter how specialized the subject is

Case Merit Analysis

Highly-qualified medical professionals help you evaluate whether the case you are considering is worth pursuing

Clinicians on Call

Ask our staff of doctors for their medical opinion on any topic that arises as you review the facts of the case

Event Chronology

Let our in-house physicians or our custom-recruited experts pinpoint every salient event in your case’s timeline for your ease-of-use

Expert Witness Profile

Gain insight into opposing counsel’s arguments based on the prior testimony of the experts they’ve retained

Subject Matter Expert Consultation

Get expert opinions on any topic, with no further commitment to retain the expert


Test claims and understand consensus views across a specified field