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Harness Consensus with our Expert Surveys

Establish clarity in how to proceed with a consensus opinion from multiple experts.

Our powerful survey tool offers you the unique ability to contextualize the details of your case with relevant opinions from numerous experts with the requisite expertise, helping to inform your case theories and sharpen your argument when it is difficult to determine the best course of action.

Our expert surveys enable you to test claims and understand broad consensus views, empowering your firm to make decisions driven by data—helping avoid unnecessary risk.

All Surveys Feature:

Questions customized for the needs of each client


Sample sizes ranging from 5-100 experts

Responses from experts and key opinion leaders who meet your precise selection criteria, to ensure the maximum impact for your research

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Utilize our expert surveys to understand broad consensus views at any point during the litigation process. By sourcing the prevailing opinions of relevant subject matter experts, you can test claims and more fully evaluate options, empowering your firm to mitigate risk and make more informed decisions.

Understand what the experts think.

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