Specialized Experts for Personal Injury Cases

Personal Injury cases often require an abundance of resources to comprehensively analyze evidence that will prove liability, causation, and damages.

Where do you turn to access the specialized expert opinions your cases require?

You may need to familiarize yourself with the latest opinion on a specialized topic, or strategize on the best way to prove your client’s case. Whatever your specific need, Guidepoint Legal Solutions allows you on-demand access to the expertise your case requires.

Use Case

You have been approached to represent an individual in a premises liability case by an elderly woman who slipped and fell in the shower of a hotel. She claims to have suffered an acute subdural hematoma resulting from a head injury during the fall.

“The plaintiff required hospitalization and multiple physician visits to monitor the hematoma, and complains of seizures that started after her diagnosis.

“Is the mechanism of injury consistent with her claim?”

Talk to our in-house team of US-trained physicians to discuss what aspects of the patient’s medical history would be worth investigating. Then, send us the medical records and imaging studies; our team will provide a thorough narrative summary of the pertinent medical facts, including discussions on liability and causation, as well as a recommendation for next steps.

Focus on the right cases before investing time and money with a Case Merit Analysis.

“I will need a neurosurgeon to speak to my client’s brain injury.”

Our team utilizes our custom recruiting capabilities and exclusive access to the Guidepoint network of Advisors to identify the highly-qualified expert witnesses necessary to prove your case whenever needed during the litigation process.

Find the exact expert you need with Expert Witness Search.

“What does an expert in hotel safety standards make of the evidence presented?”

Before deciding the correct way to argue this case, speak to an expert in any field relevant to the claim. Clients utilize this service to get a better feel for the issues at play so they can craft a successful strategy moving forward.

Gain valuable context for your case with Subject Matter Expert Consultation.

“Can you review the plaintiff’s MRI and tell me more about the timeline of this injury?”

You will want to understand how your client was injured and the timeline of her treatment. An Event Chronology enables your team to navigate hundreds of indexed pages of case records organized for ease-of-use with an itemized table of contents. This will facilitate and expedite the review any expert you employ will perform.

See all of your case records organized in one place with an Event Chronology.

“Did the hotel adequately meet safety standards at the time of the injury? Were there any failures that should have been addressed?”

Your team may be interested in speaking to multiple experts in hotel safety to survey their thoughts on the design failures of the shower in question. Our Survey tool offers you the unique ability to harness the relevant opinions of numerous subject matter experts, empowering your firm to make more informed decisions and mitigate risk.

Understand what the experts think with our Surveys.

“What are the long-term effects of the injury my client sustained? I am aware that a brain injury at her age is difficult to recover from and can lead to other health problems; may that be the case for my client?”

As you unpack and contextualize complicated medical details and terminology, questions that only a medical professional can address may arise, halting your progress in this case until they are addressed. Our in-house doctors are readily available to assist you with any aspect of your case, whether it be deposition or trial preparation, a review of the relevant medical literature, or even a simple explanation of an obscure medical term.

Get all of your medical questions answered with Clinicians on Call.

“The opposing counsel’s expert witness is a Neurologist. Does this doctor have a history of rebutting complications from head trauma?”

Gain a competitive advantage by accurately predicting the opposition’s arguments. Guidepoint’s Expert Witness Profile provides a window into the opposing experts’ litigation history to help you anticipate and invalidate unqualified, un-believable, or speculative advice or testimony.

Anticipate what your opponents will say before they say it with an Expert Witness Profile.

Gain an edge with Personal Injury experts

Access key expertise at all points of the litigation process with Guidepoint Legal Solutions. Our services provide your firm with an efficient mechanism for identifying the best resources available for your case strategy, helping your firm towards a favorable outcome in each case.

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