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Expert Witness Profile

Anticipate Your Opponent’s Arguments with a Litigation History Review

Accurately anticipating your opponent’s case theory is critical to success in litigation.

An Expert Witness Profile provides a window into opposing experts’ litigation history, personal background, and professional experience, enabling you to gain a competitive advantage through deeper insight.

In-depth searches into the expert’s litigation history allow you a better understanding of challenges, exclusions, and commentary to that expert’s prior trial testimony.

With a window into opposing experts’ litigation history, you can:

Gain insight into the underlying qualifications and credibility of opposing experts

Anticipate and refute likely case theories based on an opposing expert’s prior testimony

Present the most strategic case against opposing counsel’s experts

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Secure a competitive advantage by accurately predicting opposing testimony. Guidepoint’s Expert Witness Profile uncovers the expected testimony of opposing counsel’s experts to help you address and invalidate unqualified, un-believable, or speculative testimony.

Anticipate what your opponents will say before they say it.

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