What We Do


Consult With Medical Experts at Any Time

Engage medical experts who can address the needs of your caseload, without having to hire a doctor.

Clinicians on Call provides our clients with on-demand access to our experienced staff of physicians and medical legal experts, giving you tools to support or reject any case theory, including:

  • Literature searches
  • Deposition and trial preparation
  • Mock trial sparring
  • Theory rebuttals
  • Review of imaging
  • “Drive-by questions”

Our in-house team of top physician analysts have unique experience in medical legal consulting, and are readily available to address any needs throughout the litigation process.

From intake through the stages of review, your firm can rely on our staff of medical experts to provide detailed feedback, helping you to review literature, prepare for depositions, or develop winning arguments.

Request an Expert

Leverage Clinicians on Call to gain context around the medical facts of your case. Our experienced, in-house medical experts include US-trained doctors who are on call to address any client demand, ensuring your casework is never held up by medical questions.

Get all of your medical questions answered.

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