About Us

A Better Way to Engage with Experts

At Guidepoint, we see that finding and working with qualified expert witnesses is proven to be one of the largest variable expenses for many firms. We envision an enhanced way for attorneys to outsource these operations, reducing risk and improving efficiency in all interactions with expert witnesses throughout the litigation cycle.

A More Flexible Way to Connect

By partnering with our team, clients can interact with experts from the Guidepoint Network only when and how they want, using our services on an on-demand basis or as a comprehensive offering. With this more dynamic style of partnership in mind, attorneys can take full advantage of expertise when they need it, without any of the drawbacks of a typical retainer agreement.

An Established Network of Expertise

We also know that identifying more specialized experts, especially those outside of the medical space, often presents unique challenges. With full access to the Guidepoint Network, Guidepoint Legal Solutions is able to put our clients immediately in touch with over a million professionals, published academics, industry experts, and high-powered executives. Through extensive custom sourcing, our specialists add more than 20,000 additional experts to our network every month.

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Access expert knowledge on-demand

Access key expertise at all points of the litigation process with Guidepoint Legal Solutions. We provide your firm with an efficient mechanism for matching you with the best resources available for your case strategy, helping your firm towards a favorable outcome in each case.