Experts in Every Market for Mass Tort Cases

Mass Tort litigation requires a significant investment in time and resources. Whether your case requires you to analyze case records, organize client groups, or source expert witnesses willing and able to work across a variety of venues, Guidepoint Legal Solutions bolsters these efforts through our comprehensive service offering.

Our staff of custom-sourcing experts is here to help you locate the expertise you need. We custom recruit experts from any background and in almost any jurisdiction, simultaneously tapping into the depth and breadth of our proprietary search platform to find the ideal expert to clarify and discuss the details of your case.

We assist you through every hurdle in the litigation process, providing you with unparalleled customer service from case intake through trial, and delivering the flexibility to utilize our range of services in whatever manner best suits the needs of your case.

Use Case

Your firm has amassed a group of plaintiffs claiming to have developed diseases as a result of their exposure to a household cleaning product. The diseases include lymphoma, bladder cancer, and kidney cancer, and extends beyond cancer to include liver, kidney and thyroid disorders.

“Some of these claimants have complex medical histories. Should they all be included as parties to the case?”

“Can you help me understand the latest research linking similar cleaning products and the development of certain diseases?”

“Is there anything else in these clients’ medical files I need to know about before bringing them on board?”

Our in-house team of physicians will review both the medical and exposure records of any and all potential parties to help you understand the relative merit of each individual claim.

Focus on the right cases before investing time and money with a Case Merit Analysis.

“I need to hire a specialist. Ideally, this expert has been published on the relationship between cleaning products and cancer, and is willing to review a large number of files. Can Guidepoint help?”

If you proceed with the case, your team of attorneys may not have the right experts to analyze the evidence at your disposal. Our customized Expert Witness Search platform matches your firm with qualified experts from any field to support your clients’ claims.

Find the exact expert you need with Expert Witness Search.

“I’m not sure whether I should retain additional experts, such as an oncologist or an endocrinologist, but I would like to discuss the case with one to consider this approach.”

A case of this magnitude may require a variety of experts, including oncologists, endocrinologists, toxicologists, and public health officials. Before taking on specialized experts, conduct a one-time consultation, without the need for a retainer agreement, to gain context on their qualifications and learn if further discussion would bring additional value to the case.

Gain valuable context for your case with Subject Matter Expert Consultation.

“Some of my clients have hundreds of pages of medical records relating to other health issues. Can you help me sort out the irrelevant records and understand which are crucial for my expert to review?”

Guidepoint’s Event Chronology service provides details in an easy-to-read timeline, efficiently reducing your expert witness’ expensive and time consuming review while enabling your team to navigate hundreds of indexed pages of case records.

See all of your case records organized in one place with an Event Chronology.

“I would like to survey 10 environmental medicine specialists to help strengthen my causation argument.”

Establish clarity in how to proceed based on the opinions of multiple experts from any niche background. Guidepoint Surveys offer you the unique ability to rapidly harness the responses of custom-recruited subject matter experts, empowering you to make data-driven decisions.

Understand what the experts think with our Surveys.

“I would like a detailed summary of all the latest medical literature related to this cleaning product and kidney cancer. Can you help?”

“The defense is bringing in a clinical toxicologist. Can you search to see if she has ever made statements that may contradict her defense of the product?”

Our in-house team of physicians can provide you with annotated reviews of relevant medical literature and help you identify particularly useful research studies. Our team will also perform an in-depth analysis of the academic background of the opposition’s Expert Witness to help you sharpen your own case against them.

Get all of your medical questions answered with Clinicians on Call.

“The opposition has assembled a team of expert witnesses with backgrounds in chemistry, biotechnology, endocrinology, oncology and more. I need to learn more about each expert’s past testimony and specialties so I can prepare rebuttals.”

An Expert Witness Profile provides a window into opposing experts’ litigation history, giving you a competitive advantage through deeper insight into the potential testimony they will provide. A deeper understanding of the challenges, exclusions, and commentary related to each expert’s prior trial testimony will allow you to present the most strategic case against the assembled experts.

Anticipate what opposing counsels’ experts will say before they say it with an Expert Witness Profile.

Scale to take on Mass Tort

Guidepoint Legal Solutions is designed to extend the resources your team has at its disposal and provide your firm the clarity, context, and foresight needed to find a more favorable outcome for every claimant. Our offering addresses your mass tort expert needs both locally and nationally with individual and comprehensive solutions, all available whenever you need them in the litigation process.

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