What We Do

How Guidepoint Legal Solutions Helps Your Firm

The Guidepoint Legal Solutions team does all of your expert sourcing for you, ensuring that you can focus on your practice. Meeting the Expert Witness needs of attorneys for both plaintiffs and defendants, we facilitate a wide range of expert interactions according to your precise selection criteria.

How We Stack Up

Guidepoint Legal Solutions
Many Competitors
All Expert Specialties Yes Medical only
In-House Physicians Yes No
No Financial Commitment Yes No
Transparent Pricing Yes No

Our Offerings Include:

Case Merit Analysis

Need to focus on the right cases before you invest your time and money? Our in-house team of doctors will run an exhaustive analysis of the medical records and deliver a narrative summary of the relevant medical events along with recommendations for how to proceed. Guidepoint Legal Solutions helps you compare the potential value of the case against the investment it requires, letting you pursue cases with a high probability of a favorable outcome.

Expert Witness Search

Challenged to find qualified, credible expert witnesses who aren’t experts for hire? Our dedicated team of sourcing specialists can help you find, vet, and ultimately retain authoritative subject matter experts through our two-pronged approach, custom recruiting for every case while simultaneously tapping into our existing network. This enables us to find experts who meet your precise selection criteria, ensuring their suitability and qualifications before the professional engagement ever begins.


Normalize, summarize, hyperlink, and index material records into an easy-to-read timeline. Regardless of the number of records your case amasses, Guidepoint Legal Solutions’ in-depth review and analysis accelerate case preparation, eliminating expensive and time-consuming work by your expert witness.


Answer any question related to a claim, quickly and without further commitment to engage the expert further. A Subject Matter Expert Consultation can help you gain critical insight, identify new avenues to pursue, and define more distinct targets for litigation, all leading to a higher potential for profitability.

Clinicians on Call

Access essential medical expertise anytime to support or reject your case theories. Our experienced, in-house team of US-trained doctors are available to address any client demand, giving you immediate access to seasoned experts with an unparalleled perspective on medicolegal analysis.


Harness the relevant opinions of numerous subject matter experts in cases where a clear way forward may not be apparent. Rapidly surveying between 5-100 experts in any given field enables you to test theories and contextualize broad consensus views, allowing your firm to identify which angles might be best to pursue, or if the case should be pursued at all.

Expert Witness Profile

Access a greater understanding of the opposing experts’ litigation history, allowing you to gain a competitive advantage through deeper insight into the potential testimony of your opposing counsel’s Expert Witness.