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Find an Expert for Any Topic

Guidepoint’s one-to one phone consultations fill the gap when you don’t have access to the specialized expertise you need, expanding your resources without ongoing financial commitment.

When your firm requires timely and accurate information related to a claim, Subject Matter Expert Consultations help you find an expert with unparalleled insight into your case’s details. Our consultations give you the opportunity to speak live with an expert from any background, without any commitment to retain the expert moving forward.

We Help Your Firm:

Answer Questions

Identify Claims to Pursue

Define Distinct Targets for Litigation

You Can Rely On:

  • Prompt information to formulate an argument from experts with deep knowledge of your case’s specific focus
  • Rapid responses from experts with calls scheduled within 72 hours

How Subject Matter Expert Consultations Benefit Your Firm

Subject Matter Expert Consultations equip your firm to make more informed decisions, leading to a higher potential for profitability.

Subject Matter Expert Consultations help you

  • Gain a clearer understanding of a case
  • Find an expert with the right qualifications prior to trial
  • Dedicate internal resources to higher value tasks

empowering your firm to

  • Speak with any expert when supporting or defending against a claim
  • Validate case theories and identify new arguments to pursue
  • Operate efficiently without the need to retain the expert moving forward
  • Proceed with confidence, knowing the firm is not at unnecessary risk
  • Grow your practice’s earning power by identifying and pursuing more successful cases

Request an Expert

Quickly get your questions answered by experts on any topic, all without a retainer. In 72 hours, Guidepoint Legal Solutions will find an expert to provide the information you need to proceed with confidence.

Start getting valuable context for your clients.

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