Experienced Experts for Products Liability Cases

In Products Liability cases, lawyers must often turn to specialized experts who can speak to the engineering, production, or inner workings of complex devices and technologies. Often, a single expert is not enough, with multiple experts being required to cover your full range of trial needs.

Where do you turn when you don’t have the highly-specialized experts your case needs on hand?

In cases with a medical component, Guidepoint’s in-house, US-trained team of physicians take on an essential role to provide necessary context at every step on the litigation process. Backed by Guidepoint’s custom recruiting capabilities and proprietary network of Advisors, our Legal Solutions team can readily provide the ideal experts for every aspect of your case, whether you require a specialized medical expert, a distinct medical device expert, or any other niche specialist.

Use Case

Your potential client, a young woman with no family history of cancer, is suing a breast implant manufacturer. One year after her breast augmentation, she has developed a rare blood cancer. She recently read a report stating that her specific breast implant has been found to cause the cancer she has. She wants to understand how she got this disease and whether she has a case against the manufacturer of the implant.

“Does the client’s story make medical sense?”

“Does the patient have the specific cancer that this implant has been associated with?”

“Could there be unrelated risk factors for the development of this cancer based on the plaintiff’s medical history?”

“Is this a case worth pursing?”

Guidepoint’s in-house, US-trained team of physicians will systematically review and analyze all of your relevant case records to determine the merits of your potential case based on liability, causation, and damages. Before you proceed with this case, you will receive a thorough narrative summary of the pertinent medical facts alongside a recommendation for next steps.

Focus on the right cases before investing time and money with a Case Merit Analysis.

“I want an expert oncologist who specializes in this type of cancer and has been published on this topic. Can Guidepoint help?”

Custom recruiting according to your precise selection criteria, paired with our exclusive Expert Witness Search platform, provides an efficient mechanism for matching your firm with the qualified subject matter experts you’ll need to support your client’s claims.

Find the exact expert you need with Expert Witness Search.

“I am exploring whether there is also some liability on the plastic surgeon who placed the implant, as he did not warn the patient about the risk of cancer with this particular implant. I want to know why this implant was used as opposed to alternatives.”

Even if you are not yet ready to retain a medical device expert or a plastic surgery expert, you may want to speak to one regarding this case. Subject Matter Expert Consultations allow you to speak one-to-one with an expert to gain a better understanding of the subject matter relating to your claim without retaining the expert.

Gain valuable context for your case with Subject Matter Expert Consultation.

“When did the patient start developing signs and symptoms of the blood cancer in relation to placement of the breast implant?”

“Was there a delay in diagnosis of the cancer?”

“Is there anything else significant in the medical records that I need to be aware of?”

These are all questions that an Event Chronology, performed by our in-house staff of doctors, can answer, helping you establish exactly how the implant affected your client’s health.

See all of your case records organized in one place with an Event Chronology.

“What percentage of plastic surgeons would use this particular implant?”

“What is the prevailing opinion about the safety of the implant among plastic surgeons? Would oncologists hold the same opinion?”

Contextualize the details of your case with Guidepoint Surveys, which allow you to tap into the relevant opinions of numerous experts on niche topics in order to inform your case theories and sharpen your argument when it is difficult to determine the best course of action.

Understand what the experts think with our Surveys.

“Can we go over the anatomy of the breast and the lymph nodes?”

“Can you help me find relevant articles in medical literature that I can incorporate in the complaint?”

As you prepare for every stage of legal proceedings in this case, questions about cancer causation and treatment continue to emerge. These questions stop you from proceeding until they are addressed. Our in-house, US-trained medical professionals help you understand and contextualize complicated medical details and terminology, so you can move your case forward towards a favorable outcome.

Get all of your medical questions answered with Clinicians on Call.

“The opposing counsel’s expert witness is also an oncologist. How can I distinguish my own expert witness from theirs?”

An Expert Witness Profile looks at the background of the opposition’s expert witness to see if they have a history of giving unqualified, unbelievable, or speculative testimony, which ultimately can invalidate their testimony on the current case and give you a competitive advantage.

Anticipate what your opponents will say before they say it with an Expert Witness Profile.

Explore every avenue in Products Liability cases

No matter how specialized your case is, our services are available to provide your firm the clarity, context, and foresight needed to find a more favorable outcome for your case. Our offering addresses your expert witness needs with both individual and comprehensive solutions, all available whenever you need them in the litigation process.

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