Niche Expertise for Commercial Litigation Cases

In recent years, Commercial Litigation has become increasingly inter-disciplinary and often spans multiple districts. As a result, each suit incorporates more parties, demands a broader knowledge base across diverse topics, and requires more complicated processes from intake to resolution. To handle these growing complexities, attorneys are more frequently relying on external expertise to support their firm’s efforts throughout the duration of the case.

Where does your firm turn for a timely, cost-effective solution to all your expert sourcing needs?

Look to Guidepoint for a faster, more efficient way to meet your expert needs throughout the litigation cycle. Our services provide key resources to your firm with a focus on flexibility. Leverage any combination of our services, each designed to accelerate your access to expertise, ensure you work with the best experts for your case, and achieve the best outcomes for your clients, with zero commitment to purchase additional services.

Use Case

Your firm has been approached to represent a technology company that released a product to market that was similar in design to a smaller competitor’s product already in market. The smaller competitor has accused the technology company of misappropriation of trade secrets and breach of contract.

“I need to quickly retain an expert with a deep understanding of trade secrets to dispute any misappropriation, and an economist to challenge alleged damages.”

Use Guidepoint for all your expert sourcing needs. Our dedicated team of sourcing specialists will find and vet the specialized subject matter experts necessary to prove your case, regardless of where you are in the litigation process. We search according to your precise selection criteria, establishing their suitability and qualifications before the professional engagement ever begins.

Find the exact expert you need with Expert Witness Search.

“I want to review this case with a current or former member of a technology company to better understand the technology underlying the trade secrets in question.”

As you explore the various aspects of the claim, including potential damages to your client’s business, Subject Matter Expert Consultations enable you to speak one-to-one with a highly-specialized expert to gain a deeper understanding of any subject matter relating to your case, without any further commitment to retain the expert.

Gain valuable context for your case with Subject Matter Expert Consultation.

“I need help organizing many lengthy documents into a concise timeline of the product design and rollout for both companies.”

Guidepoint offers your team a timely solution to prolonged case evaluations. By providing a detailed review of your case’s medical, insurance, or other detailed records, an Event Chronology gives you the clearest possible timeline of the case’s events, helping you pinpoint the in-market overlap between the competing products while saving your firm time and resources.

See all of your case records organized in one place with an Event Chronology.

“In order to further evaluate damages and lost revenue, I think it would be helpful to survey multiple economic damages experts.”

Engage Guidepoint Surveys for the unique ability to harness the opinions of relevant subject matter experts in forensic accounting, intellectual property, and economic damages, ensuring your firm has the context necessary to make informed decisions and mitigate risk.

Understand what the experts think with our Surveys.

“The opposition has retained their own economic damages expert. Does the expert’s testimony in previous cases reveal anything about what they may speak to in this case?”

An Expert Witness Profile provides insight into the opposing expert witness’ litigation history so you may identify challenges, exclusions, and commentary related to their prior trial testimony. This allows your team to gain a competitive advantage by accurately predicting and preparing for the opposition’s upcoming statements.

Anticipate what opposing counsels’ experts will say before they say it with an Expert Witness Profile.

Position your firm for success in Commercial Litigation

Engage Guidepoint for access to the expertise that a successful suit requires. Our services provide both plaintiff and defense firms with an efficient mechanism for acquiring the best Commercial Litigation experts available to inform your case strategy, helping you towards a favorable outcome in your Commercial Litigation suit.

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