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Expert Witness Search

On-Demand Sourcing With Expert Witness Search

Locate and retain the best resources for your case strategy.

Guidepoint’s proprietary Expert Witness Search platform helps your firm identify the highly-qualified medical and non-medical expert witnesses necessary to prove your case, regardless of where you are in the litigation process.

Our expert sourcing specialists custom recruit on your behalf while simultaneously leveraging access to the Guidepoint Network of over 1,500,000 experts, matching you with the most qualified expert possible.

Expert Witnesses Search is a Three Step Process:


Our dedicated team of expert sourcing specialists use a two-pronged approach to finding experts:

Our custom recruitment process includes tailored screening questions to ensure every expert fits the exact qualifications of each case.

We leverage our extensive existing network of experts to source the expertise that meets your precise selection criteria.

This process ensures that the experts we find match your specific needs by industry, location, and experience, and can speak effectively to the underlying facts of a case.


Since a criminal background check alone isn’t enough, every expert sourced in an Expert Witness Search goes through a rigorous vetting and screening process to verify the witness’ expertise, suitability, and qualification for the case by examining Daubert Frye challenges, web and social media, potential conflicts of interest and more.


After you select your top expert witness candidates, you will have the opportunity to engage them in a 20-minute vetting call to assess their suitability for your case. Once you decide to retain an expert, you and the expert will begin working together to find the ideal narrative for the case at hand.

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Extend your resources by having Guidepoint Legal Solutions conduct an Expert Witness Search for you. You’ll get the exact medical and non-medical experts you need without having to take your team’s focus away from the case.

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