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Enhance Your Record Review Process

Access an easy-to-read timeline to shorten lengthy case reviews and accelerate case preparation.

An Event Chronology involves a detailed review of your case’s medical, insurance, or other detailed records, and summarizes them to eliminate lengthy and expensive reviews by your expert witnesses.

Our in-depth analysis ensures that only the most salient details of your case records are included, providing your expert witness with an organized, detailed record and reducing lengthy review times.

An Event Chronology includes:

A swift and comprehensive evaluation that considers all records provided

Detailed cataloging of the claim’s essential records, giving your legal team a clear view of the case’s finer points

Professional and thorough chronological reporting

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Accelerate case prep with the most relevant facts of your case arranged in an easy-to-read timeline. A Guidepoint Legal Solutions non-medical or medical chronology does the work for you, eliminating expensive, time-consuming work on the part of your experts.

See all of your case records all in one place.

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