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Guidepoint Legal Solutions aids both plaintiffs’ and defense firms in finding and retaining the best possible resources for their nursing home abuse and neglect cases. From intake to trial, we offer a suite of individual and comprehensive expert witness services to help achieve the best outcomes for your clients, regardless of where you are in the litigation process.

Connect with the highly-specialized experts your case requires through our custom recruiting capabilities and existing network of over 1,500,000 million experts, along with the expertise of our in-house staff of physicians. Our team of expert sourcing specialists identify, vet, and help you retain nursing home abuse and neglect expert witnesses including doctors and nurses who practice geriatric medicine, nursing home care, skilled nursing, and other nursing home related specialties.

Leading Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Specialties

Get the exact qualified expertise you need to achieve the best outcomes for your clients, without the challenge of having to find them yourself.

Geriatric Medicine
Nursing Home Care
Skilled Nursing
Nursing Facility Supervisors
Long-term Care
Patient Safety
Senior Care Management
Rehabilitation Nurses

Use Case

You’re requested to represent a family in a wrongful death case involving the care of a 74-year-old woman at a nursing home facility in Florida. She was in respiratory distress and tested positive for COVID-19 on initial diagnostic testing at the hospital. She died 8 hours later.

“Was the patient unlikely to survive due to severity of the respiratory distress upon presentation?”

“What other medical factors affected her prognosis?”

“What is the nursing home’s liability”

Guidepoint’s in-house, US-trained physicians help you evaluate whether the case is worth pursuing by providing a thorough narrative summary of the pertinent medical facts, including discussions on liability and causation, and a recommendation on how best to proceed.

Focus on the right cases before investing time and money with a Case Merit Analysis.

“I will need to speak to a nurse experienced in nursing homes regarding the standard of care when dealing with an elderly woman exhibiting signs/symptoms of COVID-19.”

Our dedicated team of sourcing specialists find and vet the specialized subject matter experts necessary to argue your case, whenever needed during the litigation process.

Locate experts that meet your precise nursing home abuse and neglect, before the professional engagement ever begins with Expert Witness Search.

“I need help discerning which medical records are most pertinent to my case. I would like to pinpoint where in the records the patient is exhibiting abnormal vital signs of fevers and increased heart rate.”

Event Chronology provides details in an easy-to-read timeline, reducing your Expert Witness’ expensive and time-consuming review while enabling your team to navigate hundreds of indexed pages of case records.

Accelerate case preparation and eliminate expensive, time-consuming work  with an Event Chronology.

“I am not familiar enough with the latest nuances of COVID-19 and how this disease behaves. What are the essential details I need to argue this case effectively?”

Clinicians on Call enables you to access qualified medical experts whenever a question arises. Our experienced, in-house team of US-trained doctors address any client demand, giving you immediate access to qualified experts with an unparalleled perspective on medicolegal analysis.

Get all of your medical questions answered with Clinicians on Call.

“The Event Chronology shows some abnormality in the progression of the patient’s symptoms that I would like to explore with a doctor who has first-hand experience in a COVID-19 unit.”

“I would also like to consult with an HVAC expert on the nursing home’s air filtration system.”

As you explore the facts of your client’s case, new information may appear that requires expert consultation. Subject Matter Expert Consultations allow you to gain a deeper understanding of any subject matter relating to the claim without requiring you to retain the expert.

Discuss the details of your case one-to-one to utilize the right amount of expertise without wasting your firm’s resources with Subject Matter Expert Consultation.

“The opposing counsel has retained an infectious disease specialist to testify on their behalf. What information on their past testimonies is available to help me prepare rebuttals?”

An Expert Witness Profile provides your firm access to a greater understanding of the opposing experts’ litigation history, allowing you to gain a competitive advantage through deeper insight into their potential testimony.

Anticipate what your opponents will say before they say it with an Expert Witness Profile.

“There appear to be some states in which nursing homes have immunity against liability involving COVID-19 related cases. I’d like to better understand how firms in those other states are litigating their COVID-19 cases. Are they able to file lawsuits successfully?”

With our efficient Surveys tool, your firm can harness the relevant opinions of numerous niche subject matter experts to test claims and understand broad consensus views before making essential decisions in cases with unclear standards or unsettled law.

Understand what the experts think with our Surveys.

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